Friday, 28 October 2016

Personal Blog 4

After finishing Enterprise Architecture, it was time to choose a technology that I wanted to specialise in. Although, choosing one did not guarantee being trained in it, preference did play a part in what technology we were to be placed in. The choices were out of Pega, DevOps, Cloud and Mulesoft. We had to pick which one we wanted to do by standing in a corner of the room which was represented by one of the technologies. I decided to pick DevOps because the Continuous Integration week that we had was definitely my favourite week at QA and so it just seemed to be the natural choice for me. I won’t specify which one, but I did find it amusing that one of the four technologies was chosen by anyone and people were trying to push themselves further into their own technology’s corner to get as far from that technology as possible.

                DevOps started out with learning about Puppet. Puppet is open-source software which grants the ability to configure “nodes” from a host machine known as the puppet master. It started by using vagrant to setup a Puppet Master and a Puppet Agent virtual machine. Once set up, I completed Puppet Quest which is an online guide that runs through how Puppet works. Using the Puppet Master, I was able to configure parts of the Puppet Agent environment. 

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